>>  I have my own hair, Why need to buy fake hair santa beard ? 
1. Your won hair looks very natural,that will show you are professional santa claus, but some times your own beard may be not full enough, yak hair will make your beard looks fuller.

2. If you use the same santa beard every year, your customers may have an aesthetic fatigue. Proper try of new styles may make you more popular,what's why the professional have many set santa clothes and santa beards.

3. Many santa claus tell me that grown own beard will takes 2-3 years, so, if you want to be santa claus , you can not cut your beard even in summer, that will be not convenient in dayly life. 


4. Any way,ZMhair company Professional Yak santa beards not expensive, one piece santa beard only need about $80-$160, that will not cost you alot, but will help you.

>>  I have order beard from other company,but their beard is very thin, i need use two beard toghther, need I order two from your company?

Our company berad is very full, you need not order 2 pieces together,You can see out website picture, all the product product is real picture, the density is very full.what you see is what you will get.

>>  Do you have stock santa wig and beards set , I need very urgently .
Yes, We do have some santa wigs and beards in stock,can deliver immediately after payment, 3-5days can reach you by Fedex / DHL. Pls inform us with your details inquiry, such as model number, quantity, color, etc.  We will check the stock for you. 

>>  I only need to order a beard or a wig separately ,  Is that possible?
Yes, sure . We can offer separate pieces also can offer sets. 

>>  Does the Santa wig and beard have a strap?
Yes, all of our Santa wigs and beards have straps , including the full hand knotted lace wig and beard also have adjustable straps to make wearing comfortable and tight. 

>>  What kind of hair do you use ?
We mainly use high quality hot resistant synthetic hair / yak hair / human hair because it’s durable, versatile and allows us to make a consistently excellent product.  For special custom made styles if need other materials, we can discuss further .

>>  What does the term “ventilated wig” mean?
A ventilated wig is a wig that is made entirely by hand, where each hair is knotted in singly using a tiny hook. This same process of knotting is used to make beards and other hairgoods as well.

>>  What is a lace front ?
A lace front  is exactly what it sounds like.  Hair is tied by hand to the front lace which covers the forehead and hairline and the back are wefts sewed on another comfortable/wearable base material. Because the fine transparent lace can disappear when sticked on face or skin, so makers use it in the front edge of wigs or beards. We specially tie single hairs in the front hairline, hair density change gradually to back, which can creat a natural, realistic hairline, just as hairs grows from forehead . 

>>  What is a full lace ?
Full lace means the base is made entirely of lace. All the hair are hand knotted on the lace base, it has the same natural hairline also have the good looking in the back and sides: they can be worn in different hair styles, you can parting hair, do ponytails or up do’s. This puts full lace wigs and beards at a higher price point than a lace front as well. 

>>  The lace wig or beard i received has a longer lace on the front. Should I cut this off, or try to cover it with makeup?
For lace wig or beard or any lace pieces, you will see longer mesh lace in the front ,it is in fact a part of the structure of your wig or beard, it is designed to help keep your piece in place and also ensure it looks as careful as possible.
But it maybe a little strange to wear a wig or a beard with a long lace in the front. When you receive your lace pieces, if the lace has come over your eyebrows or mouth, you can cut it a bit, but don’t  cut to much as one time. Too short lace will make it harder to hide and will also affect the fit and durability of your item.
Contrary to what we are thinking, makeup will not let the lace disappear, it  will accumulate in the mesh quickly, and ultimately discolor, causing the mesh to stand out against your skin.
The best way to “hide” the lace is to make sure that the lace pieces is fix correctly on your head or face, and the lace edges are neatly glued or taped down. Keeping the mesh lace clean and free from makeup and adhesive residue will also ensure the most discreet appearance.


>>  How to order ? 
1. We try to make it as easy as possible! Simply Email us and tell us which model number you want to buy.  if custom made, pls include an image or two of how it looks, length, colors, quanttiy , etc.  
2. Then we will reply you with the details, price and delivery date.
3. With aggreement about the details and price, then can go ahead to pay for your order. 
4. After payment we will arrange the produce and delivery soon . 

>>  What payment methods do you take?
We take payment through Paypal, Western union, Moneygram, Bank transfer, Visa or Master card. – those methods are quick and secure to do.  Each payment way may charge a little transfer fee, so Customers can choose the cheapest and convenient way from your side. 

>>  How long will it take to make my order?
For sample and small quantity, it takes 3 -4weeks to make. For large quantity and special custom made it takes 4-6weeks. We recommend ordering  as early as possible to ensure timely delivery.

>>  How to wear and take off the lace wig and beard ?
How to wear : 
Can use the sprit gum or double faced adhensive tap.
The spriit gum can buy a better longer glue,  water and sweat resistant is fine
The use of the attention with a cotton swab evenly on the bottom, the skin can also apply some point, careful not to wear too much too much,  the effect is not good.
How to remove ? 
if want remove, can use  95% alcohol or glue remover.
At the interface of the patch, drop 1-2 drops along the gap of the glue, not too much, because this effect is super good. Then, after 1-3 minutes, glue or lace will be torn open. If there is any residue on the hair or skin, wipe it gently with napkins or wipes.
These things both can buy from amazon or local store, who selling lace wigs and other accessories.  

>>  How to wash the yak hair wigs or beards? need special purified water?
Regular shampoo works ok; Main &Tail shampoo ( see below picture) used on horses,very common product, also works good on Yak hair.

>>  If my Yak hair wigs turns yellow , How to remove the yellowish ?
Yak hair is different with synthetic and human hair ,it will turns blonde or yellow after years used , you can try this kind of a bluing shampoo,made by Clairol called shimmer lights. Yak hair washed in that shampoo will remove the yellow tinge. The trick is shampoo for short time a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly .if not white enough repeat. Never leave in the shampoo for more than a couple of minutes or it will leave a purple tinge in the yak hair. Repeated short washing and rinse will work.

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